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Course offerings (scroll down for descriptions):
Baby & Toddler: Phase One Instrumental Instruction (Ages Birth to 3 1/2 Years)
Twist & Turn (Ages Birth to 4 Years)
Cycle of Seasons (Ages 3/12 to 5 Years)
Musikgarten Adults: Enjoying the PIano Together (Adults of All Ages)


Studies have confirmed that early music education reaps tremendous benefits. Even prenatal listening has proven to lead to dramatic developmental differences in language development and memory skills, compared to siblings not exposed to music in utero.
Following birth, singing songs to an infant influences how quickly the child later learns math and languages, while it also communicates love and improves the baby’s attention span.

As toddlers and older children sing, dance, move to music, and play musical games with other children, their physical coordination, timing, thinking, memory, and listening skills develop.
Clearly, early music education offers a pleasurable and effective way to prepare your child for academic learning. It also prepares your child for successful instrumental instruction, if that becomes your family's interest. Beyond this, it provides countless memorable moments of sheer enjoyment for both parent and child, and it lays the foundation for a full, joyful, and rich life.


All NWISC music & movement courses meet weekly when classes are in session. We offer the best of Suzuki and Musikgarten curricula. Our music & movement teachers are trained in both of these approaches. For all courses, families get materials to take home (including a high-quality CD) for vital interaction with beautiful, appropriately participatory music throughout the week.

Baby & Toddler: Phase One Instrumental Instruction

(Newborns - 3 1/2 Years)

This unique course assists parents in creating a naturally rich musical environment from the very beginning, in recognition that the spirit of the child is formed as a result of his or her early environment.

It fosters progressive ability through the creation of an environment which is free from pressure, in which children can gain skills, a sense of purpose, an understanding of discipline, and an appreciation of beauty. Ability is developed based on incremental practice in a richly layered course that stimulates the natural development of the child from birth.

While NWISC's teachers adjust the activity for each child's age and stage, experience has shown that the younger children grow steadily under the stimulating environment offered by the older children, while the three-year-olds learn how to be sensitive to little ones and begin their development of positive leadership.

The following seven statements form the foundation of all Early Childhood Education courses taught at NWISC:
Every child can learn.
Ability develops early.
Environment nurtures growth.
Children learn from one another.
Success breeds success.
Parental involvement is crucial.
Encouragement is essential.
Baby & Toddler: Phase One Instrumental Instruction also uniquely lays the groundwork for successful instrumental instruction, if your family desires to explore that possibility following graduation from the Baby & Toddler class. For parents, developing the habit of listening to the repertoire, cultivating the skill of intentional observation and note-taking, and acquiring the art of layering continually deeper challenges through the use of a core repertoire as comfort and familiarity with the pieces grow are just a few of the beautiful abilities that will continue to be used in instrumental instruction.
Also included in select Baby & Toddler: Phase One Instrumental Instruction classes each session is interaction with live musicians and instruments such as the piano and violin.

10 week sessions
1 hour each class
Tuition per session for families new to the class (includes take home materials): $205
Tuition per session for families returning to the class: $180
Tuition per session for each additional sibling: $50

Twist & Turn

(Birth - 4 Years)

Nursery Rhymes + Music = 
Fun for Siblings and Parents
Musikgarten has captured the magic of
nursery Rhymes in its new program
called Twist and Turn.
○The delightful language and the movement response it evokes, speak to the
most active children as they explore walking, jumping, twisting, and turning...
 “Oliver Twist, you can’t do this”
○The rhyming words and playful rhythms help children to quickly catch on to the
verses, allowing them to participate fully...
 “Dr. Foster went to Gloucester”
○The tales told by the nursery rhymes and song material encourage the older
children as they are developing language skills and challenge them to use their
imaginations in new ways.  The rhymes and songs are just as appealing to the
younger children in the room, whether it is a toddler enjoying the movement, or
instrumental play or the infant who is simply enjoying the sound of the music and
the rhythm of the words as s/he bonds with his/her mother.

10 week sessions
45 minutes each class
Tuition per session for families new to the class (includes take home materials): $175
Tuition per session for families returning to the class: $150
Tuition per session for each additional sibling: $40

Cycle of Seasons

(3 1/2 Years - 5 Years)

In this musical celebration of the four seasons, activities build on the child's growing abilities and nurture this age group's ability to use language. Classes include lots of singing, chants and rhymes, listening games, patterns to echo, movement games, and imaginative stories that capitalize on the child's delight in dramatic play, all of which nurture the musical development while satisfying the child's need to learn in a cohesive environment.

Parents stay for the class, participating both with and simply alongside their child.

10 week sessions
50 minutes each class
Tuition per session for families new to the class (includes take home materials): $192
Tuition per session for families returning to the class: $167
Tuition per session for each additional sibling: $47

God's Children Sing

(5 Years - 6 Years)

This course addresses the spiritual aspects of the child's life through inspiring songs and joyful dancing. God's love is experienced through music and movement in a loving, nurturing community.

The child's musical aptitude continues to grow, with development of an ear for music, pitch-matching and steady beat. At the same time, attention, listening skills, self-expression, and creativity continue to be built.

By experiencing stories from the Bible in many different ways - including singing, creative movement, active listening, and rhythm play - the stories will become a part of your life and your child's life.

Music Makers: At the Keyboard

(7 Years - 9 Years)

This integrated approach to experiencing and understanding music is well-beloved by students and is superb for an increased understanding of music theory, chord progressions, rhythm and tonal patterns, and music reading. The primary aim for students in this course is not that they become piano soloists, but rather that they achieve still greater enjoyment, fluency, and understanding in all of their music making.

The class will include drumming, dancing, and singing, as well as an aural approach to the keyboard as a vehicle for both melody and harmony, including chord progressions.

Musikgarten Adults: Enjoying the Piano Together

(Adults of All Ages)

This class brings the joy of group music making to adults! The materials are tailored to allow for the differences between young beginners and adult learners. Familiar songs (as well as ones that will quickly become new favorites) are included, and note reading is taught in a proven, effective manner.

Students in this course are provided with everything needed, including take home CDs and books, to have great fun while making music together!

8 week sessions
1 hour each class
Tuition per session for individuals new to the class (includes take home materials): $205
Tuition per session for individuals returning to the class: $180

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